A Testimony From of the Book Mamba Mentality

Thinking about it, Kobe would’ve wanted to know how much he impacted that 23-year-old reporter that was star-struck and kept bugging him.

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Reminiscing on my 23-year idolization of Kobe Bryant

It was February 8, 1997, at Mary L. Brown’s house in Lincoln Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK where I was four years old, eating popcorn and watching the NBA Slam Dunk competition. Mary L. Brown was my maternal grandmother and my first influence on professional sports. She was the biggest Michael Jordan fan, and outright basketball […]

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Dear Kobe

Dear Kobe, I still remember my earliest memories of watching you play for the Lakers. Seeing you and Shaq bring my hometown three straight titles in a style of dominance that not many teams could have ever attempted. Seeing the birth of the Black Mamba, the switch from no. 8 to no. 24. The different […]

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