Author: Darrell Hill Jr.

The mental state of the black athlete in America. Part 2: Grass isn’t greener

In Part One of the series, I highlighted the stigma affecting black athletes. The perception that once black men make it professional, they have embarked on endless prosperity. The newfound fame and currency are supposed to suffice for the issues suffered previously and to come. The misconception with black athletes in America has become a […]

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The mental state of the Black Athlete in America Pt. 1: The Wayside

Mental Health. Two words that are bypassed and unaddressed in the black community. The stigma of mental health as a black man usually carries a negative connotation. The concept of self-care is often misconstrued as being selfish. The risk of backlash leaves Black men in a limbo state, either risking vulnerability confronting their issues or […]

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