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  • 1.(especially of a man) charming, smooth, professional, confident, and elegant.
  • synonyms:charming, sophisticated, debonair, urbane, polished.


1. Whats The Suave Report?

Yes, I know the title The Suave Report” leaves the imagination wondering what the content will bring, but if anyone asks it’s a sports blog that primarily covers, but not limited to high school, college, and professional basketball and football. The Suave Report was founded by yours truly… (Addam Francisco).

2. What can you expect? 

Well, you’ll never really know what to expect, but I guess you can expect regular Thunder updates (that’s my favorite), Oklahoma college and high school basketball and football news.  The Suave Report doesn’t shy away from trending sports topics and controversies though, so when Russell snaps on another reporter, come here for the scoop.

3. What’s the mission?

To be a reliable sports outlet for sports fans, but especially for my generation. In this social media driven world, it’s hard to get people (especially in my generation) to read, unless it really sticks out. The Suave Report constantly looks for ways to deliver sports news in creative ways, whether it’s through pictures, videos, podcasts or maybe in some cases music.

4. Now who’s Addam Francisco?

12080348_1689126561303954_92531989250771382_oI am an undergrad student at the University of Central Oklahoma, slated to graduate in 2016 with a degree in professional media. Former college basketball player, with a deep love for sports and journalism. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and attended Bishop McGuinness high school.

I also write for InsideThunder.com – which is clearly exclusive to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If you’re looking to get in touch with me directly, email me at addam.michael1533@gmail.com

Twitter: @AddamFrancisco



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