Suave Fashion looks to shine some light on athletes (mostly NBA and NFL players) outfits. You can find celebrity fashion as well but not as frequently as sports.

There are a few series of posts that are a part of Suave Fashion’s regular circulation of content. The series of stories being weekly NFL and NBA “Suave Alerts,” “Best Dressed of the Week,” occasional “Sneaker Reports,” and “Suave Qualities of a Grand Gentleman.”

NFL and NBA Suave Alerts.

  • This post will be solely about promoting some of the best looks from individual athletes. Some may call it a spotlight sort of post, focusing in on one, or two players that outdid the rest of the league with some exclusive looks.

Best Dressed of the Week.

  • These posts are kind of self-explanatory, but the format of them isn’t. In the best-dressed features, Suave Report will rank the best-dressed players weekly from both the NFL and NBA all in one post. The rankings will go in descending order from fifth to first place.
  • Included in the post, will be a description of what the athlete is wearing and a quick overview of their stat line and how they played over the past week.

Sneaker Reports.

  • There will be occasional Sneaker Reports from the Sneaker Reporter, Travis Singleton displaying and analyzing some of the newest, hottest sneaker releases in the sports world. Since the shoe industry is so unpredictable, these posts will be as well. You may get three reports in one week, then none for the next week. It’s 100% depending on what’s out at the time.

Suave Qualities of a Grand Gentleman.

  • Suave Report and Grand Gentlemen have collaborated to educate people on what it’s like to have a clean look both professionally and socially. Videos and images will be created by Grand Gentlemen and self-help tips on how to live a healthier social and professional life will be provided by the Suave Report. Each post will be labeled by volumes, ie.) “Suave Qualities of a Grand Gentleman: Vol. 1” etc.

Suave Fashion will also cover award show fashion and other social events from time to time.

For all inquiries, email editor-in-chief A. Suave Francisco at