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The Suave Report Staff Addam Francisco: Founder, Editor-in-Chief. Alberto Bodei: Staff writer, Thunder. Megan Hines: Staff Writer, WNBA, LA Sparks Beat. Jonathan Goudeau: Staff Writer, NFL, University of Central OK sports. A.J. Bussey: Staff Writer, Culture. Darrell Hill: Staff Writer, Culture. Contributors: Tanner Johnson, Shannon Blake What makes us so unique? We have writers from […]

Inside Thunder Interviews

Here you’ll find all of our videos from our video platform ‘Inside Thunder.’ These videos will show postgame reactions from players and coaches, brought to you by Torrey Purvey behind the camera and Addam Francisco in front of the camera. Follow and subscribe to our YouTube!

The staff’s NBA preseason predictions

The most anticipated NBA season is among us. With the super-team era officially dead and reincarnated as a new-age era of dynamic duos, this season will be one for the books. Our Suave Report NBA experts spent plenty of time compiling this season’s predictions, forecasting how this season will play out from teams most likely […]

Post-scrimmage: How ready is Oklahoma City for the gauntlet ahead of them?

The three scrimmages have concluded, and the revamped NBA season inside of Disney World’s bubble is here. It has been the most unusual season in NBA history, and for some teams, it has benefitted them. One of those teams is the Oklahoma City Thunder, but there are still a couple of things that could be […]

Meet the Suave Report team!

Addam M. Francisco: Founder, Editor-in-Chief. Addam Francisco, 26, founded the Suave Report as a blog in 2015 after it was clear his college basketball career was over. Suave Report started as a small blog, on Since then, Addam found a way to incorporate his love for culture and fashion into his website, which has […]