Day: March 28, 2019

MLB Opening Day 2019: Full Schedule

Today is the day. Major League Baseball’s season is finally kicking off. It may feel a little early for the season to be starting; that’s because it is. Last season was considered early, starting on March 29 but this year we’re starting things a day ahead earlier than that. The month of March typically marks […]

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It’s time to Bounce Back

As the clock struck midnight and Sean Anderson turned 31 years old Big Sean made the decision, it was time to Bounce Back, and he started with a sit down very personal conversation with his 10.8 million fans on Instagram. In a three-part Instagram post, Sean sat down and let his fans, haters and the […]

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Impressive third quarter, the Thunder take down the Pacers: Five Thoughts

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder earned their 44th win of the year by defeating the Indiana Pacers, 107-99 the final score. After probably the worst performance of the year against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Thunder bounced back in what seemed to many people a must-win situation. Oklahoma City played a good defensive first half. […]

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