“DJ WayneInThisThang” For Thunder Alley Official DJ?


Five years ago, Lawayne Cherry decided to delve into a different world of music as a DJ. He’s catered to different communities in various different ways and now he looks to cater to the Thunder community.

Wayne, 26, is from Del City, Oklahoma and has no preference when it comes to crowd demographics. He has a unique ability to connect with just about every group, a trait that’s very positive for a DJ.

Thunder Alley is an integral pre-game experience for fans and “DJ WayneInThisThang” has what it takes to take the two-hour experience to another level that this city has yet to see.

We got a chance to sit down with Wayne and ask him a few questions about his DJ’ing career. Here’s what he had to say.


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Q: What persuaded you to start DJ’ing?

A: I’ve always been into music! I played the drums growing up in church, bands & rap groups etc.

Q: Why do you want to be the official DJ for the Thunder?

A: I can add a unique experience for the fans before and even after the game if possible. I’m also very active in the community so it would be great to make them feel more hands on because of my direct contact with the people.

Q: What best suits you to be the Thunder’s DJ during Thunder Alley? Why?

A: My ability to play for diverse crowds and the amount of people I come in contact with on a regular basis. Also, I’m simply an all-around Okie at heart.

Q: What will you do differently than the past Thunder DJs?

A: I first wanna thank them for setting the path for me, but I would be more hands on! I don’t think anyone has ever shown the true love and passion for the job! Oklahoma City’s DJ should be loved just as much as Rumble.

Q: How active are you in the community? What have you done?

A: Very active! From donating to little league teams to feeding to the community. I typically do eight-to-ten charity events per year.

Q: You’ve worked with large crowds before, but how will you deal with the pressure of 10,000 or more people?

A: This is what I love to do. One or 1 million I’ll do the same job!

Q: Thunder fans are very opinionated. How will you deal with criticism?

A: It comes with the opportunity! Everyone won’t like what I do but I’ll do my best to please the masses. Every action doesn’t require a reaction though and I understand that fully.

DJ Wayne has been on this journey since 2012 and he has three vital attributes to the business: Youth, talent and a tremendous amount of support. The Oklahoma City Thunder organization will benefit from having such a multi-versed talent as the official DJ for Thunder Alley, getting fans primed and ready for an exciting night inside of the Chesapeake Energy Arena.



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